Temra and David in three parts

part of the group exhibition Basic Instinct
Seventeen Gallery, London
5 September – 3 October 2015

Oa4sT&DScript Script1 Script2 Script3 Script4 Oa4sT&DInstallation1 Oa4sT&DInstallation2 Oa4sT&DTowel Oa4sT&DSpittoon Oa4sT&DRopeInstall Oa4sT&DBlood Oa4sT&DInstallation3 Oa4sT&DList Oa4sT&DTemrahat Oa4sT&DEgyptTshirt Oa4sT&DGrapefruit Oa4sT&DGrapefruit1 Oa4sT&DShells


A restaging of the play, including a new fourth chapter:

Temra and David in 4 parts, May 2016, Sorbus Gallery, Helsinki