Special Features

Outside the gallery is a poster with a text about a turtle enjoying a moment of quiet sailing. It has two photos; one of a turtle spoon-rest and one of dunes.

Inside on the wall is written a few remarks in rebus. The phrases are composed of hand-made vinyl stickers. It starts off strong and then gets a little lost.

Some baby footprints are on the floor, made with the palms of our hands. Francisco picked the paint color.

Octavio tells you what’s happening: “…and as you take a step back over the bridge, you hear a sound on your right. You turn and see two men in striped uniforms run out the back of a building. Papers fly out of their pockets. You walk to the trail of papers and pick one up. You look at the bill. You recognize this face. Whose face is it? What do you want to do with it?”

On the adjacent wall hangs a meter wide glossy photo of a man named João who was kind enough to give you 50 adobe bricks of his own making. The shadow of his face is framed by 4×4-wood blocks decorated to look like the bricks. This is a dedication to João.

Then suddenly, the giraffe enters the gallery, wipes his makeup clean-off with a handkerchief, and hangs it near the photo of João.

Outside Installation4 Installation3 Installation1 Installation2 Installation(Deux es machina) turtlespoonrest

Turtle poster, vinyl sticker

Installation(Pee Ring Off Duck Liff)

Pee Ring Off Duck Liff, vinyl stickers

Answer: Peering off the cliff I can see my face looking back at myself in the water below.  (Mother bring my soul to a foreign country).  I imagine myself flying to meet myself there, bloopy boobing dopey scooby would you believe, baby?  Rocking back and forth, I open my eyes and see a blue bird.  She looks so pensive.


Oa0s, audio 16 min

Baby girl

Baby girl, paint

Installation(Oa4x4s) Oa4x4s

Oa4x4sdigital photo print, wood, hardware, dirt, paint

Deus ex machina

Deus Ex Machinahandkerchief, face paint, towel rod

Lodos Gallery, Mexico City

May 22 – July 20, 2014

SPecial features catalogue

44 Pages, 4-color riso print, perfect bound book, with a 4-color process riso print insert
Hand numbered, edition of 50.